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5 Places Near Kampala For A Quick Getaway

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Valentine's day week is here and even though the big day falls on a Wednesday, we in Kampala are lucky enough to have a long weekend from Friday Feb 16, 2018! So why not take a romantic getaway to one of these amazing places near Kampala for some rest and relaxation?

Yellow Haven Lodge

Yellow Haven Lodge found on the shores of Lake Victoria is 40mins drive away from the city centre and is the perfect quiet getaway spot from the city's hustle and bustle.

Kampala Forest Resort

Kampala Forest reserve in Muyenga is closer to the city but is also a quick getaway for those that don't want to travel too far from Kampala

Cassia Lodge

Located in Buziga atop a hill, Cassia Lodge has amazing scenic views of Kampala's skyline. It's the best place to relax during a romantic getway from Kampala.

The Kipling Lodge

The Kipling Lodge built along the River Nile in Jinja is only 2.5hrs away from Kampala. It has a beautiful view of the Nile and is the perfect place for those who want to try out some water sports and relax amongst nature.

Wild Waters Lodge

Wild Waters Lodge also located on the Nile is secluded in its own little island within a rainforest. It is also 2.5hrs away from Kampala and boasts lots of water sports activities like water rafting offered by Adrift.


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