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New Menu Review: Seven Seas Restaurant, Kampala Sheraton Hotel

Blogkla recently had the pleasure of attending a "Tasting Of the New Menu" dinner at the Seven Seas Restaurant located at Kampala Sheraton Hotel. The dinner organized by the hotel featured influential food bloggers and journalists in Kampala who came together to taste and review the new menu that was rolled out.

Chef Aleksandar Pavlovic the mastermind behind the impressive menu steered the evening by preparing, presenting and describing each item that was served in depth. The restaurant manager Nasif Kayiza ensured that all the guests were comfortable and made sure that each meal was paired with a glass of wine to enhance the tasting experience.

The extensive food menu that contains several items from seafood to pastas will leave you spoiled for choice giving you a chance to return to the restaurant several times until you've tasted all items on the menu.

These are some of the Items from the menu that were presented.

Chef Aleksandar

Roast Vegetable Carpaccio with cream cheese sauce

Rolled Bresaola with Grana Padano, Baked Toast & Creme de Balsamico

Smoked Salmon Mousse with lemon salad, creme fraiche & fresh dill

Crispy fried Mozzarella wrapped in Prosciutto with Rocket Salad Confit Tomato

Chargrilled Octopus With Potato & Onion Soup

Lobster Pasta

Peppered Beef Fillet & Forest Mushroom Ragu, Almond & Orange Salad


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