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Quiet Cafes To Work/Chill In Kampala

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Kampala has many cafes and restaurants but sometimes you need to go to a quiet spot that has less foot traffic and customers in order to concentrate on your work, business meeting or even afternoon date. These are our favourite quiet cafes to go to.

Coffee At Last

One of Makindye's secret gems, Coffee At Last has a cozy lounge and is a very quiet spot to curl up and work on your laptop or read a book.

Endiro Coffee

Kisementi is a very busy place littered with tourists and locals. However, hidden amongst the shops and restaurants is Endiro Coffee. It is enveloped within a canopy of trees that offer awesome shade on a hot day and a relaxing atmosphere.

Cafe Kawa

Cafe Kawa in Muyenga is the perfect place to grab a quick coffee and chat in a quiet setting away from the area's noisy traffic.

Dancing Cup

Dancing Cup in Bugolobi is your go to if you need a quiet place away from the city's hustle and bustle. it also has a play area to keep children busy for parents that are trying to work whilst babysitting.

Gatto Matto

Also located in Bugolobi along a quiet strip during the day, Gatto Matto has a nice lounge area filled with comfy sofas to sit on while you work. However in the evening, the place turns into a bar scene, so you might have to leave by 6pm.


An Acacia avenue favourite, Prunes is surprisingly quiet in the busy area. It has a garden and patio where you can chill and work away unbothered. Bear in mind that it gets busy on the weekends though.

Hilltop Naguru

Hilltop Naguru is an event space located in Naguru. It has a nice bar/lounge area where you can sit and work away.

Bean Cafe

Located in Bunga, Bean Cafe is a quiet place where you can grab a coffee or a meal.


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