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Where To Enjoy Asian Cuisine In Kampala

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Asian cuisine is one of the fastest growing food trends in Kampala. Whether you're in the mood for Sushi, curry, naan or noodles, there are plenty of restaurants in the city to satiate your cravings. These are some of our favourites for asian food.


Yamasen Japanese Restaurant

Yamasen Restaurant located on Tank Hill Road in Muyenga offers authentic japanese food including the best sushi in town.

Yujo Izakaya

Yujo is a Japanese tavern located in Nakasero that specializes in authentic Japanese food and drinks. They have an extensive sushi bar and lots of different types of sake.

Yatai Lab

Located in Kisementi at the Kurb, Yatai Lab serves Japanese street food. This includes Poke Bowls, sushi burritos, ramen etc.

Izumi Restaurant

Izumi is an asian fusion restaurant in Kololo that serves Japanese, Thai, Korean and Indian food.


Arirang Restaurant

One of the oldest Korean restaurants in Kampala, Arirang is also a hotel and event space in Nakasero.

Miso Garden

Miso Garden in Kololo is an asian fusion restaurant that serves both Korean and Japanese cuisines


Le Petit Saigon

Le Petit Saigon restaurant in Muyenga's Tank Hill identifies as a belgo- vietnamese restaurant. They have a fusion of both vietnamese and belgian food. So go there for the pho noodle soup and stay for the mussels?


Tamarai Restaurant

Tamarai in Kololo is a popular thai food restaurant that serves dishes from Thailand. They also have an awesome selection of teas at their Tea bar.

Chokh Di Thai Restaurant

Operating in its fourth year in Kampala, Chokh Di offers an extensive menu of over 60 authentic thai dishes. It's located in Bukoto and offers food delivery as well.



One of the oldest Indian restaurants in Kampala, Haandi has various locations all over the city and offers authentic Indian food to curb your curry cravings


Also with multiple locations allover kampala, Nawab serves amazing indian dishes.

Khana Khazana

Located in Kololo along the busy acacia road strip, Khana Khazana has a beautiful garden where you can sit down and enjoy indian cuisine or book it for the occasional event. They serve south indian cuisine.

The Great Indian Dhaba

A new kid on the indian food cuisine block, the Great Indian Dhaba in Kololo is located in a quiet area where you can peacefully enjoy your meals on a laid back afternoon.


Fang Fang

The pioneer Chinese restaurant in Kampala, Fang Fang has proved that you can't mess with tradition. They offer traditional chinese food and event space.

Shanghai Restaurant

Shanghai restaurant on sezibwa road is an asian fusion restaurant that specializes in chinese food.

Nanjing Restaurant and Hotel

Moonlighting as both a restaurant and an affordable Hotel, Nanjing in Kololo offers a fusion of chinese food and International dishes


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