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Wine Of The Day: Van Loveren Blanc de Noir Shiraz 2017

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Tasting Notes

Blanc de Noir is a wine made entirely from black grapes. There are several types of black grapes however in this particular case, the grape used is Shiraz. This wine is produced by quickly removing the skins from the juice after the grapes have been pressed. This technique prevents the dark pigment from the grape's dark skin from transferring too much colour to the wine leading to the formation of a Rosé that has a salmon, pale pink hue.

This easy drinking Blanc de Noir is refreshing and has a soft finish making it the perfect starter wine for the night or it can be paired with light appetizers, salads and seafood.

Winery: Van Loveren

Vintage: 2017

Region, Country: Breede River, South Africa

Grape: 100% Shiraz

Appearance: Salmon, Pale pink

Nose: Berries

Taste: Fresh finish

Enjoy With: Appetizer, Salads, Salmon, mushrooms

Alcohol: 12.5%


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