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10 Kampala Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

1. Learn the Art Of Patience

Everything in Kampala takes time. Whether it's customer service at a restaurant, bank or public office, the speed at which everything operates in Kampala is very slow. So If you're an impatient person better learn the art of being patient.

2. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Kampala's crazy labyrinth of messy streets and "2 hour jams" can be absolute hell. If you have an appointment anywhere in or near the city centre, make sure you're at least one hour ahead of schedule.

3. Rainy Days = Slow Days

Rainy days mean that the traffic is usually twice as bad and many businesses slow down. Be prepared for cancellations or delays.

4. A Boda Boda Helmet Is An Accessory

If you're brave enough to risk your life on a boda boda motorcycle, make sure you wear a helmet.

5. Uber is a LifeSaver

For a few extra bucks, taking an Uber around the city will save you a lot of headache while traveling round the city if you don't have a car. It's also a safer mode of transportation.

6. Street Food is Snack Heaven

Hungry? Stop by "Uncle Kato's" street food stand and you're bound to taste the best 'rolex' you have ever had.

7. Cafe Javas is Overrated

Please, if any one says let's have a date at Javas, I'll punch them. Javas is overrated, unnecessarily expensive, has crappy WIFI and is usually over crowded. If you're gonna spend over 30,000/= on an entree, go to a proper fine dining restaurant in Kampala. You'll have more choices and better bargain on the menu for your buck.

8. Night Out? Watch Out!

Kampala is one of the safest cities in East Africa however on a night out, be careful especially when you are on a solo night out or when hanging with untrustworthy friends. Petty thieves are always hovering at bars and clubs so make sure to watch your personal property from cash to phones.

9. Invest In Some Ear Plugs

No matter what part of the city you live in, you're bound to hear some sort of noise on at least one night of the week in Kampala. Whether it's from the nearby mosque, church or bar/nightclub, noise regulation rules are non-existent in Kampala. Therefore if you're a light sleeper, make sure you invest in some good earplugs if you want a good night's sleep.

10. Bargain Like A Boss

When shopping in Kampala, there are usually no price tags on any of the items being sold by different merchants. The prices usually vary due to the colour of your skin, accent and/or local language. So make sure you bargain every price you're given to the lowest one possible. Chances are you might buy your item at it's "actual" price instead of the high "starting price".


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