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The Best Custom Cakes In Kampala

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

photo cred: Kampala Cakery

Wedding and holiday season is upon us. This only means that we are on the hunt for the best moist, buttery, creamy, perfectly decorated, frosted and obviously picture-perfect cakes in Kampala. So for insta, drool worthy cakes, here are some of our best custom cakes in Kampala.

Kampala Cakery

Owned by cake artist and designer Olivia Infield, Kampala Cakery has the most poppin' cakes on social media and not to mention delicious as well.

Attention to detail with the wedding cakes.

They also make gluten free and vegan cakes.

Sarah’s Cakes UG

Operating for over 20 years in Kampala, Sarah's Cakes is run by Mrs. Sarah Ntale whose love for baking has kept her in the game for so long. She has a great clientele following that keeps returning to her for superb cakes.

Exquisite wedding cakes

Heavenly Cakes

Specializing in celebratory cakes, heavenly has a popular following and their customers always return for more.

For more on heavenly cakes, click here

The Food Library

Chef Hannat Nabbada who owns the food library is an all round culinary chef who also bakes amazing birthday, wedding and specialty cakes

For more details on the food library, check here


Cakely proprieter Asha Batenga has been in the baking game for a few years now and has worked her butt off to keep the company afloat and turn it into a success. She's also in charge of the Kampala Cake Fair.

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Cakement UG

Located in the Muyenga Bukasa area, Cakement makes great custom cakes for your needs.

For more, check here

Rose Vanilla

Located in Kololo, Rose Vanilla is owned by Anabel Fournier who bakes great artisan cakes based on European and Latin American influences.

For more, check it out here


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