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10 Reasons Why Kampala Is the Best City To Live In East Africa

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Oh Kampala! It has been the butt of many jokes especially from people who reside in nearby cities..(looking at you, Nairobi folks!). We have been called uncool, alcoholics and our Swahili ridiculed as mediocre compared to the other East African cities but hey, who cares? We are who we are and are unabashedly proud of our city and country. So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why Kampala is the low key cool, hipster cousin that you make fun of but secretly admire.

1. Friendly Folks

Kampala has the most hospitable and friendly people in East Africa. Everywhere you go, you will meet friendly faces that are willing to help and interact with you. No "screwfaces" here.

2. Great Weather

Kampala's weather is not as "cold" as Nairobi or as blazing hot as Dar es Salaam. And by cold we mean dipping to almost 10degrees celsius in the evenings and hot is over 40 degrees celsius of inferno. So yeah, we are okay being the happy middle with temperatures between 21 - 35 degrees celsius.

3. Great Security

Unlike most East African cities that are unsafe especially at night and require a curfew, the majority of Kampala city is pretty safe. It's no wonder you can see people stumbling home at 6am after a hard night out!

4. Growing Economy

Being less developed than its counterparts, Uganda has more potential for growth and development. Many international businesses are setting up shop in the city.

5. The Night Life

If you have partied in Kampala, you know that we go harrrrd! As in party till 7am, sleep, wake up (or go to work)..repeat!

6. It's Cheap

Compared to other East African cities, Kampala is pretty cheap. Your money goes a long way here. For UGSHS50,000/= (Abt USD15.00), You can cop a meal, drink and transport back to your home (hello boda boda & uber)

7. Accessibility

The city is pretty small so everything within the city is easily accessible by taxi, car, uber, boda boda or walking.

8. The Food

The food in Kampala is incredibly delicious, diverse and cheap. You can grab Indian food, then walk across the street for burgers and fries, then stop by the street food vendor for some delicious grilled pork or chicken within a perimeter of 1km.

9. Great Getaways

Because our tourism isn't as saturated as other cities in East Africa, Kampalans can easily get away for the weekend without worrying about exorbitant rates and enjoy hidden safari gems without the herd of tourists hovering.

10. Zero Language Barrier

Because pretty much almost everyone in Uganda speaks english, you won't have any difficulties when communicating with people in the city if your first language is English. English is the official language of Uganda and as such, many people speak it making it easier to interact with folks in Kampala.


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