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6 Female DJs In Kampala To Check Out

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Female DJ In Kampala

In a business where Male DJs reign supreme, being a female DJ in Kampala, Uganda was something that was unheard of. However lately, there has been an influx of female DJs slowly penetrating the Kla Party scene. They are fearlessly taking on their male counterparts and proving that they can play as well or even better than some of their male peers. These are 6 female DJs worth checking out.

DJ Rachael

DJ Rachael is one of the pioneer female deejays in Kampala and has been in the game for two decades starting off at the tender age of 17. She is one of the founder of Femme Electronic; a collective organization that aims at giving women In East Africa a platform where they can learn to Deejay or hone their crafts with other like minded females. Her Edm/house/Afro music mix catalogue has taken her to several international stages including representing Uganda at WOMEX2016 in Spain. To commemorate her 20th anniversary, she will be throwing a massive Warehouse Rave on July 28, 2018.

Check out her mixes here

DJ Kampire

One of Femme Electronic’s successes, DJ Kampire is one of Kampala’s biggest deejays at the moment. She performs locally under the Nyege Nyege Tapes and Boutiq Electroniq umbrellas, played at the Nyege Nyege Festival and has booked several international gigs thanks to her deep afro groove mixes being a favourite among dance music lovers. She’s slated to perform at Sonar one of Europe’s biggest dance music festivals in June 2018.

Check out her mixes here

DJ Hibotep

DJ Hibotep wears several hats as DJ, film maker and designer. Her rave and electronic sounds have a hypnotic effect among dance music revellers keeping them on their feet every time she plays. She has performed at several East African festivals including Nyege Nyege festival.

Check out her mixes here


DJ Xzyl is a presenter at Sanyu FM but also moonlights as a live DJ at several events in Kampala. She has proved that she can take on the boys by being booked at several local events where male DJ’s are favourites. She plays everything from current TOP 40 popular hit to throwbacks keeping crowds and revellers entertained. She is currently one of the DJs that will be playing at Blankets & Wine Kampala, 2018. She won the best female DJ in UG at the Maestro Awards in 2017.

Fya LeBoof

Fya Leboof is another upcoming DJ who plays at Jazz fm and hosts the "KALABASH" tribal music series at The Big Kafunda every other month. Her mixes infuse tribal and afro music forming "Tribal Rave/Afro house". Her tribal mixes will have you in a perfect mood for an afternoon party out with friends or a chill BBQ with family.

Check out her mixes here

Dj Kathy

Dubbed as the youngest female DJ in Kampala as of May 1st, 2018, DJ Kathy is an upcoming DJ who has booked several gigs across the city. She is also one of the several DJs that play at the ever popular “Silent Disco” Parties In Kampala.


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