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Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas In Kampala

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Valentines Day is one of the most exciting days of the year for lovers all over Kampala. However, if you don't plan for it properly, it can burn a hole through your savings and/or relationship. These are our cheap valentines day ideas that you can partake in with your lover, spouse or even friends to celebrate the day.


A well planned picnic is usually one of the cheapest and most romantic valentine's date ideas. Pack a bag full of goodies, blankets, some scented candles and head out for a lovely romantic night out with your bae at your local park, beach, back of pick up truck or even your back yard and dine under the stars.

Why you'll love it:

- It's Cheap

- You'll have privacy (Avoid people at a noisy bar/restaurant/cinema

Skip this because:

- You Hate the Outdoors

- Some Parks in Kampala are not safe esp at night.

Dinner For Two At Home

Put on your apron and whip up a lovely meal for your bae. Whether you consider your culinary skills as pro or mediocre, putting in the effort to feed your honey is always a sexy gesture especially on valentine's day. Just don't burn down the house if you can't cook! Ordering in a meal and serving it is not a crime.

Why You'll love it:

- Privacy

- Impressing your significant other with your culinary skills

- "Dessert"

Skip this because:

- You don't know how to cook

Paint Night Date

Grab some paint kits and draw portraits of each other or any other subjects you wish to draw. This could lead to either impressive surprises or hilarious fails. Either way, you will have fun while painting away and seeing the final results.

Why You Will love it:

- Unique and competitive

- Urges you to be creative

Skip this because:

- You hate painting and mess

- You're not a patient person

Netflix and Chill

Cheesy as it may sound, there comes a point in a relationship when you have both done all the romantic gestures..blah blah.. So after a long day's work, why not just wear your PJs, (put the kids to bed if you have any), curl up and cuddle on the sofa, open a bottle of wine and watch a good ol' movie. This takes little effort with emphasis on only the two of you.

Why you will love it:

- Zero Effort

- Cheap and private

Skip this because:

- You want a night away from the kids (If you have any)

- You're not movie people

Anti-Valentines Day Party/Dinner with Friends

Valentines day isn't usually everyone's cup of tea. Sometimes, there are more single people than couples in your circle of friends. So instead of staying at home alone and having a sad solo day, why not come together with some of your single or "cool coupled" friends and have a massive Anti-Valentines Day Party! Heck watch all the horror flicks you all fancy and rage on with some hiphop and rock music. Slow romantic songs are forbidden at this party! #disturbthepeace

Why you'll love it:

- You get to party with your friends instead of having a sad quiet night

- Parties are more fun

- You don't have to think of many valentines day ideas for you and bae

Skip this because:

- You'd rather have a quiet night in with bae

- You aren't good at hosting parties


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