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Event Review: Taste

On July 21, 2018 we had the pleasure of attending "Taste", a wine tasting and food pairing event that takes place monthly at The Uganda wines and spirits Wine bar. The event hosted by Uganda Wines at their wine bar on Windsor Loop is limited to 12 guest spots only, to create an intimate atmosphere where guests can mingle and interact.

The patrons were treated to a blind tasting of three wine varietals and were asked to guess the wines while pairing them with tapas style bites that were specially created by The Food Library

The wine cellar is well equipped with hundreds of bottles of wine for the discerning wine lover.

The score cards provided helped the guests to identify the wines.

George, the in house sommelier is well equipped with an extensive knowledge of wines and spirits and was on deck to guide the patrons as they tasted the wines and food.

The Tapas style delectables prepared by The Food Library were exceptional wine pairings and complimented each wine varietal.

Cheese was available to enhance the tasting experience.

Chef Hannat Nabadda was the curator of the amazing nibbles thats were served at the event.

In total, 18 bottles were opened, lots of wine tasted and a successful albeit fun night enjoyed by all.


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