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Hip Bars To Check Out In Kampala

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

It’s no secret that Kampala is littered with lots of bars because you know damn right that "Kampalans" looooove a good night out. From Acacia Avenue, Kisementi, Kololo, Kabalagala to Najjera the bar scene in Kampala is buzzing at the moment. We have done our research and selected a few bars that are worth checking out (Of course we couldn’t list every bar in Kla....apologies to those we left out!) So, if you’re visiting the city for the first time or just looking for a night out with some friends, why not check out these hip bars?

Que Pasa Mexican Cantina

Que Pasa in Kisementi is the “night starter” bar that you go to before you hit your fave night club or complete your bar hopping tour of Kampala. The Mexican themed bar serves Mexican style food, drinks and can get really busy on weekend nights so head there early if you want to grab a seat.

Otters Bar

Kampala’s unofficial “Expats Bar”, Otters bar has been open in Kololo for a few years now and is the place to be if you want to meet other fellow expats or just hang out with locals in the city that are regulars at otters. They usually have a Live Band playing on weekends.

The Big Kafunda

One of Kansanga’s favourite local hideouts, the Big Kafunda is the perfect chill spot that you go to for that afternoon lunch meeting or a night out with friends especially on nights when they have featured bands and DJs playing. They also do amazing BBQ and their drinks are affordable.

The 5 Horsemen

Hidden on the rooftop of The five horseman hostel in Nsambya House on Gaba road, The 5 horsemen Rooftop bar boasts panoramic views of the city Skyline and is a great spot for perfect sunset views. They also have a featured monthly party called "Views and Vibes" worth attending.

The Lazy Pony

This newly opened bar (Nov 14, 2018) on Ggaba road opposite the American embassy promises to play only rock & roll music, soul, blues, old school hiphop etc. Their official opening date is Dec 1, 2018. It's ambience and vibes scream FUNN!

The Alchemist Restaurant & Bar

Bugolobi’s favourite place for the best cocktails and food, the alchemist has proven itself to be a local darling. It’s usually flooded on weekend nights with the restaurant space turning into a full blown club like vibe after 11pm. It gets really really packed due to its popularity so if you like “happening” crowds with a good vibe, check it out.

Monot Bar & Lounge

Located next door to alchemist in bugolobi, Monot has a similar vibe and crowd to their next door neighbour but has a bigger space advantage. The back of the bar turns into an outdoor garden club where patrons can either dance or sit (if they are lucky enough to grab a table) especially on the popular Saturday nights.

L’A VENTI Lounge and Kitchen

Located in Najerra 2, La Venti is the current IT spot in the area offering great food, ample parking space and great music.

Ninety9by the Embers

Undoubtedly the bar with the best views of Kampala, Ninety9 is located at the Skyz Hotel Rooftop in Naguru hill. They make amazing cocktails and has a classy vibe to it. It’s the perfect date night bar where you can sit for a few quiet drinks and also hit the dance floor on the other side of the bar later in the night.

Panamera Bar & Lounge

Another local favourite thanks to it’s late night kitchen and ample parking space, Panamera is the bar you go to to complete your bar hopping night aka last stop.


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