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The Idiot's Guide To Kampala's Internet Plans

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Internet, Internet, INTERNET! Choosing the right internet service provider in Kampala is tedious, confusing and downright stressful. Many ISPs provide different plans from hourly, daily, monthly to fiber. Fiber, the fastest and most efficient internet plan is the best but is still new in Uganda and is very costly. Therefore for those that require internet for basic and affordable household use, we have done some light research to help you choose your desired plan.

These are some of the MONTHLY plans for commonly used providers in Kampala. For those that require internet for commercial purposes please consult your local providers for their fiber plans.

Also before you sign up, make sure your residence/business falls within the network coverage area of the Service providers.

We have broken down the plans in cost, size and speed(megabyte per second: mbps).


Plan Cost Size Speed

Basic 147,000/= Unltd 10mbps

Preferred 197,900/= Unltd 20mbps

Premium 297,900/= Unltd 40mbps

Premium 497,900/= Unltd 100mbps


Plan Cost Size Speed

Infinite 10 59,900/= Unltd 10mbps

Infinite 20 279,900/= Unltd 20mbps

Infinite 40 479,900/= Unltd 40mbps

Note: Plans Validity = 30 days

For more, check out


Plan Cost Size Speed

Classic 100,000/= 40GB 5mbps

Unlimited 250,000/= 100GB 5mbps

Mega 650,000/= 300GB 5mbps

Note: Plans Validity = 30 days

For more, Check out:

TANGERINE (Monthly Plan)

Plan Cost Size Speed

Lite 50,000/= 15GB Upto 1mbps

Elite 90,000/= 30GB Upto 2mbps

Pro 150,000/= 50GB Upto 4mbps

Note: Plans Validity = 30 days

For more, check out:


Plan Cost Size Speed

Essential 179,000/= 27GB 4mbps

Premium 330,000/= 54GB 6mbps

Platinum 550,000/= 90GB 6mbps

Note: Plans Validity = 30 days

For more: Check out:

MTN (Monthly Plan)

Bundle Cost

2GB 20,000/=

10GB 50,000/=

30GB 100,000/=

Unlimited Basic 179,000/=

Unlimited Premium 330,000/=

For more, check out:

Airtel (Monthly Plan)

Bundle Cost

12GB 50,000/=

20GB 75,000/=

25GB 90,000/=

35GB 225,000/=

51GB 150,000/=

100GB 550,000/=

For more, check out:

Africell (Monthly Plan)

Bundle Cost

15GB 199,000/=

20GB 210,000/=

30GB 284,000/=

40GB 315,000/=

50GB 330,000/=

80GB 430,000/=

100GB 480,000/=

For more, check out:


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