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Top 5 Italian Food Restaurants In Kampala

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Genuine Italian food restaurants are very few in Kampala thanks to the influx of other foreign/international restaurants. However, if you can't afford the trip to Italy but are craving that amazing pasta, you can head to one of these restaurants to get your fix. These are 5 of our favourite places to check out for great Italian food in Kampala.

Linove Restaurant

Linove Restaurant on Naggulu drive in Naguru makes authentic traditional Italian food and some of the best pasta in Kampala. The inviting environment, great selection of wine and amazing customer service makes you feel at home.


Mediterraneo in Kololo is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Kampala and offers great Italian food in a posh setting. The restaurant also boasts an extensive menu and huge wine selection making it the perfect setting for a cozy date night or a corporate work dinner with colleagues and friends.

Cafe Roma

Located in Muyenga's Tankhill, Cafe Roma is another Italian restaurant that delivers great Italian food and cuisines from other countries.

Olives Restaurant And Bar

Olives restaurant in Naguru makes amazing Italian cuisine with their Pizzas being some of the best in Kampala. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and there's a kids' area to keep the children busy.

IL Patio Restaurant

IL Patio Restaurant located inside Mayfair Casino offers great Italian food. It's a popular hangout for casino players where they get complimentary food and drinks.


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