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10 Cool Apps We Love Using In Kampala

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

"Hey, what cool, useful apps do you use in Kampala?" We get asked that question ALL. THE. TIME! Our response is usually "ummmm.." (Scratches head). So, we decided to make a list of resourceful apps that we use in Kla and included a couple of new ones in the mix. These are some dope apps that we love using so much that we now can't do without.

If you're reading this and think that we left out a cool app that you think we should know about, please drop us an email/message and we'll include it on the list below!

Mobile Money/ Finance Apps

Mobile Money is King when it comes to monetary transactions in Kla. There are plenty of mobile money apps out there including those provided by cellular phone companies. Therefore, we decided to check out other options found for both local and international transactions.


 Xente is one of our favourite money transfer/payment apps because it’s so easy to use. Load money to your  Xente account via mobile money or credit/debit card and then voila, you’ll be able to pay your bills, buy/send airtime and data to MTN or Airtel numbers, pay for your utilities like Yaka, Umeme and water, movies, events and even bus tickets! It’s so convenient. Did we mention you can also get loans? 


- There are three account types with the Basic, Premium and Platinum and these offer a lot of great services including the ones we mentioned above

- You can pay back your loan in bits until you pay it all off


- The basic account allows money transactions up to 50,000/= only and you can't apply for loans on it

- To unlock more features of the app, you have to upgrade to premium and platinum and this requires uploading your National ID or Passport info page. If you’re concerned about privacy, you might not want to upgrade

Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash offers instant cross border mobile money transfers meaning that you can send mobile money from your Uganda account to another African country. Currently, it's only available in 5 countries (Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda) therefore unfortunately,  your cousin in Nigeria will have to find another way to receive your cash. 


- Send money across borders of participating countries

- No need for bank use or charges


- Very few African countries available

- Your recipients or senders must be active users of the app i.e have the app downloaded on their smart phones


Formerly known as Wave, SendWave is the best way to send money from any bank account in the US, Canada and the UK. There’s no transaction fee and the money is deposited right to your mobile money account saving you that arduous trip to the bank or western union/moneygram agents.


- Instant receipt of cash from foreign bank accountNo Transaction fees


- Since they make money from the exchange rate, you might receive slightly less money than anticipated due to the low exchange rates used

- Only 3 foreign countries are participating (US, UK, Canada)

Ride Hailing Apps

As traffic jams keep getting worse in Kampala, people are now opting for ride hailing apps to save their gas and ensure safe driving. These are the two "newish ride" hailing apps that we find so convenient.

Safe Boda

The perfect way to beat the jams in Kampala is by boda however, almost all local bodas lack helmets for their clients and are not trained on proper safety procedures when riding around the city. Safe boda on the other hand has well trained drivers, helmets for their clients and can be hailed via their well functioning mobile app. The app also has other features that will enable you to purchase airtime from your account and send packages in and around Kampala.


- Well trained drivers with helmets for clients

- You can go cashless by paying with mobile money

- Purchase airtime from account

- You can pair with any driver instead of waiting for the system to order you one


- Some drivers have very dirty helmets making them impossible to see through and wear


Little is a newbie in the ride hailing game but their platform is so good that very soon they will be a force to be reckoned with. The app has more features than the other car hailing apps available.


- You can pay with mobile money and also load your wallet

- Cheaper than other car ride hailing apps

- You can order a preferred driver


- Since it's fairly new, there are few drivers available.


This ride sharing service makes long distance travel so much easier by offering carpool services. Basically, you can search for drivers that are heading in the direction of the town or city that you're travelling to and hitch a ride for a fee.


- The best alternative to public buses

- Convenience of hailing a ride at any time anywhere



- Still a fairly new app so there are a few drivers registered on the service.

- If you don't like to interact with strangers in a small vehicle, it might not be your cup of tea

Marketplace/E-commerce Apps

As the middle and working class grows in Kampala, many people just don't have time to physically go shopping and therefore rely on marketplace apps for delivery of several items from groceries, food to clothes right to their doorstep. These are some apps that we use for deliveries.


UgaKart is a Kampala based shopping and grocery delivery app that has several items listed on their online shop. They are conveniently located in the Bukoto area where you can pick up the items you purchased online on your way home for free or have them delivered to your residence for a fee.


- Several items to choose from including groceries

- Pick up option from their site in Bukoto.


- They don't do same day delivery. Items are usually delivered the next business day depending on the item availability


Dubbing it self as an online shopping mall, KiKUU has many items available on their online shop. They import all their items from China. They accept mobile money payments before items are delivered. They also have a tracking number where you can track your shipment.


- Very Many items to choose from

- Accepts mobile money payments


- Some customers have complained of delays in deliveries

- Lost items

- 15 day shipping because items are imported from China

Hello Fresh Uganda

For fresh vegetables, we tried out Hello Fresh Uganda. They are slightly more expensive than the usual but the veggies are delivered efficiently and are fresh.


- A large variety of vegetables and fruits to choose from.


- Delivery fee

Notable Apps We Love

Task Ninja!

Task Ninja is a fairly new app that was just released a few weeks ago and is ready to take over the advertising game. The app allows local businesses and service providers to set up pages where they can advertise their services to attract clients at a small affordable fee. Customers and potential clients can use the app for free to search for service providers in their city.


- Advertise your business to a large group of users

- Choose cheap advertising prices from as low as UG Shs 15,000/= per month

- Free for users/customers to use


- Fairly new, so it'll take a few months for new users to sign up/register their services


This is a great app for events and things going on in and around Kampala. You can also buy movie and concert tickets via the app.


- Get updates on bar/restaurant deals and know what's going on in Kampala


- There are so many events and bar specials listed, sifting through them can get overwhelming.


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