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Top 5 Hidden Gems In Kampala

Sometimes when you just need a quick escape from the noise that is Kampala city, finding that hidden gem in the city where you can go and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city can be a rather daunting task. These are our fave hidden gems where you can meet up with friends for a cup of coffee, alcoholic beverage and/or a meal or just chill solo to do some work.

Kardamom & Koffee

One of Kololo's "secret" coffee shops, Kardamom and Koffee is tucked away on a quiet street on a beautiful property. It's a lovely retreat from the noisy Kampala city centre. There's a beautiful shop besides the cafe that sells artisan crafts and imported home goods.

Hotel Bougainviller

Hotel Bougainviller is one of the oldest boutique hotels in Kampala. Located in Bugolobi, a few Kilometres from the heart of the city, the hotel exudes a mediterranean flair and is enveloped within a lush terraced garden with a swimming pool.

Humura Resort

Humura Resort is a boutique hotel found in the city centre a few metres from the Golf Course and is set in a calm and serene environment that is both inviting and relaxing. Its location makes it the perfect quiet, city hideaway.

Kampala Forest Resort

Kampala Forest Resort in Muyenga is a few Kilometres from the city centre and is the perfect hideaway if you want to get away from the city's hustle and bustle. It's lush surroundings make it the best place to host a private party or the quiet date night.

Red Chilli Hideaway

Red Chilli Hideaway is a budget lodge, hostel and campsite located in Butabika. It has a beautiful surrounding with a pool and bar that is accessible to the public at a fee for those that want to check it out.

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