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Local Design Brands To Check Out In Kampala

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

The best stores for local design in Kampala carry goodies that are created and curated by local designers, artists, fashion moguls etc. From clothing to accessories to interior design ware, you are bound to find a unique gem at one of these fashion brand stores to give as a gift or keep as a personal item that reminds you of "Home". These are our favourite local design brands in Kampala.

1. Leap Year

Founded in 2013 by Pamela Kahwa, Leap Year is based in Uganda and uses locally sourced materials to create high quality bold, vibrant garments and accessories. It's located in Ntinda

2. Owino Market

3. Kona

Inspired by Indian and Ugandan cultures thanks to the background of Bahvia the owner of Kona who is Indian- Ugandan, Kona is a fusion of these two cultures. The afro-indian influences are clearly visible throughout the brand's store items that include clothing and accessories.

4. Kampala Fair

Formed by directors Mette Islandi from Denmark and Ssanyu Kalibbala from Uganda, Kampala Fair is a long-term, sustainable and profitable fair trade business that provides employment opportunities to Ugandans, has good and long-term relationships with international buyers - and a strong brand and reputation that reflects positively on Africa.

5. Zanaa

Zanaa is a luxury accessories brand that showcases African design with artisans based in Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa.

6. With Love From Africa



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