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ROLL, Kampala's newest Rolex restaurant opened it's doors recently and Blogkla was delighted to check it out. If you're not familiar with it, a Rolex is an omelette encased in a chapati giving it a buritto like look.

The space doubles as a sit down and takeout restaurant. Orders and deliveries can be made via Jumia.

The kitchen located right across the tables is very clean and the rolex is prepared so fast that by the time you make your order and settle down, it is served!

Each Rolex on the menu is named after a city that represents the extra ingredients added to omelette and chapati. The menu has sweet and savoury rolexes to choose from.


Each Rolex is served with a choice of french fries or coleslaw salad. We tried the "Jinja" rolex and boy was it tasty. The secret special sauce added to the rolex gives it a creamy and moist flavour.


The "Sonoma", a popular choice amongst many customers is savoury and includes chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese and green vegetables.

Nicholas Mukiibi - Co-owner and Manager

Nicholas Mukiibi, the co- owner and manager of ROLL was kind enough to give us a mini tour and he usually ensures that daily operations run smoothly at the restaurant.

For a mouthwatering, delicious and gourmet Rolex served in a clean environment, check out ROLL at corner house on Mawanda Road. You won't be disappointed.

These are some photos of the menu items that we extracted from the ROLL social media pages.


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