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Event Review: Game Of Thrones; Season 8 Premiere Watch Party.

*Game of thrones theme song starts playing on screens*.... Loud cheers and claps from the excited crowd and then silence!..As the first scene unfolded, the die-hard Game Of Thrones fans at Arena Sports bar could hardly contain their excitement. They waited 2 years for this and finally it's the beginning of the end..(of the series..sad tears.)

Blogkla collaborated with Arena Sports Bar to throw the "watch party" that drew hundreds of fans and it was a full house.

The evening started with a GOT trivia hosted by Blogkla which saw teams from different houses in the series compete against each other for prizes with the winners from each week eventually going head to head at the finale. The first week's winner was "House Arryn" narrowly edging "House Targaryan" to win the trivia.

Despite a few technical glitches that were quickly resolved at the beginning of the screening, the streaming of the episode was seamless. Headphones provided for a small fee, were worth it due to their noise cancellation feature giving the screening a cinematic experience.

We managed to capture a few moments seen below. Checcck em out!

Trivia winners "House Arryn"

House Baratheon

House Targaryan

House Stark

House Arryn

When the GoT moments hit...#reaction

House Baratheon


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