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Neighbourhood Alert: Bugolobi

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Bugolobi is approximately 7km from Kampala City Centre. It is bordered by Nakawa, Mbuya, Luzira and Muyenga. Bugolobi is located on a hill and is surrounded by the city's industrial area in the lower part and the surrounding areas littered with Apartments and private residences found on the upper side of the hill. (map)


  • Close to City Centre

  • Many Shopping Centres

  • Lots of Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

  • Lots of Hotels and Motels

  • Affordable Housing (Many Apartments available)

  • Lots of Schools and Hospitals


  • Heavy Traffic especially during rush hour

  • Loud Music at night due to neighbouring bars and clubs

Notable Businesses/Residences

Village Mall

Jazzville Restaurant and Bar

Gatto Matto Restaurant and Bar

Alchemist Restaurant and Bar

Liquid Silk Bugolobi

Royal Suites Bugolobi

Dolphin Suites

Silver Springs Hotel

Bougainviller Hotel

Makerere University Of Business Studies (MUBS)

Ambrosoli International School

GEMS International School

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