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Neighbourhood Alert: Kololo

One of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Kampala, Kololo sits on one of the city's hills and is home to the most expensive real estate in Uganda. Home to dozens of diplomatic missions and embassies, Kololo is also one of the safest neighbourhoods in Kampala. The sprawling private mansions and gated restaurants, bars and the popular Acacia Mall in kisementi make it one of the hottest evening/night spots in Kampala. (map)


  • Safe Neighbourhood

  • Many nearby cafes, bars and restaurants

  • Acacia Mall for shopping needs

  • One stop shop for Embassy locations


  • Very expensive neighbourhood to live in

  • Noise in the areas near bars, restaurants

  • Kololo airstrip nearby is a site for government public hoilday events hence causes a lot traffic jams and excessive noise during public events

  • Acacia mall is usually littered with loiterers especially during weekends/holidays

Notable Businesses/Residences


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