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Neighbourhood Alert: Muyenga

Muyenga also known as "Tank hill" is one of the tallest hills in Kampala housing the National sewerage tanks due to its height and is located 8kms away from the city centre. It is home to an upscale community and is sprawled with mansions and local restaurants. At the foot of the hill is Kabalagala, one of the oldest party areas in Kampala that contains lots of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. (Map)


  • Safe neighbourhood

  • Very diverse neighbourhood ranging from expats to Eritreans, Ethiopians, locals etc.

  • Many cafes, restaurants and bars

  • Cheap street food especially in the evenings.


  • Loud Noises due to clubs and bars in the Kabalagala area

  • Crazy traffic jams especially during rush hour

  • Expensive real estate

  • Cheap bars and restaurants due to the University student residences in Kabalagala

Notable Businesses/Residences Kampala Forest Resort


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