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The Best Roast Coffee In Kampala

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Ahhh .. If Coffee is your favourite poison or wake up drug, you are going to appreciate the list below for best Roast Coffee in Kampala.

Uganda's national coffee production consists of 20% Arabica and 80% Robusta coffee. These are our fave roast coffee companies for that quick picker upper.

Big Gorilla Coffee

A new kid in the roast coffee block in Uganda, Big Gorilla Coffee is hand roasted and is 100% pure Arabica. They have various roasts including the the Special Roast and Special Espresso. It is definitely worth a try.

Good African Coffee

Good African was established in 2004 and has been a favourite amongst Kampala locals. Its carried by various cafes in the city and abroad in the UK. Their Roasts include Rukoki Gold (Medium- Dark Roast), Rwenzori Mountains (Medium Roast), Espresso Roast (Mix of Robusta and Arabica) and the popular Freeze Dried Instant (100% instant Arabica Coffee)

Great Lakes Coffee

One of the leading family owned coffee businesses in East Africa, Great Lakes has been in production for over 60 years. Their roastery yields many varieties of roasts that can be personalized to suit your taste and company.

Kigezi Mountains Coffee

This coffee hails from the Kigezi Mountains and is one of the low key popular favourite. It's prices are also pocket friendly. Their Roasts Include the Bello, Dolce, Sunset and Morning Roast.

Star Cafe

A People's Choice Awards winner, Star Cafe organic coffee is popular amongst many restaurants, cafes and hotels in Kampala city.


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