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Unique Valentines Day Ideas In Kampala

Valentines Day is upon us and let's face it, it can get a tad bit boring doing the usual cheesy, overpriced dinner at a fancy restaurant, a movie date or Netflix and Chill. So why not try out these 10 unique ideas you can try out instead.


Spa Date For Two

A relaxing day at the spa is the perfect way to unwind with your S.O on valentines day. A lot of spas in Kampala have "Couples Valentines day" packages like massages and facials at reduced rates. Check out our list of the best Spas in Kla here


Wine & Cocktail Bar Crawl

Wine Tasting at "The Wine Shop" (Uganda Wines & Spirits)

Kampala has a growing number of wine and cocktail bars that you can bar hop through on Valentines day to make your day FUN! Start by making a list of your favourite wine and cocktail bars in the city and have a glass or two at each bar and keep moving until your cut-off hour. You can also try out wine and whiskey tasting at participating bars.


Check Out A Show At the Local Theatre

Kampala's National theatre always has shows going on. Check out what plays or comedy shows are currently showing.


Watch The Sunset

Sunset Views at "The View"

Pick your favourite sunset viewing spot in the city, grab a sundowner drink and enjoy a romantic evening with your partner.


Volunteer At A Charity Organization

Visit a local charity organization and volunteer as a couple. Charities such The USPCA and Sanyu babies home always welcome volunteers on a daily basis. Not only will this make you feel good as a couple but it's for a good cause.


Couples Gym Session

Various gyms are offering cheap and free couples work out sessions on valentines day. Why not break out some sweat with your sweet heart.


Kampala Restaurant Food Tour

Ethiopian Cuisine at Ethiopian Village

Kampala is littered with many restaurants from various culinary backgrounds, so why not have an appetizer in one restaurant, an entree/main course in another and dessert at the 3rd restaurant! It will cost you way less than the valentines day prix-fixe dinners being offered at many restaurants in Kla.


Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway to a nearby town or city is the perfect romantic escape you can plan on valentines day.


Anti-Valentines/Galentines Party

Not everyone is coupled up during valentines day so for the single ones, attending or throwing an Anti- Valentine's day Party or dinner is the perfect excuse to get wasted with your friends to avoid sitting at home alone on valentines. And for the ladies, you can throw a Galentines party which is a girls only party where you can moan and whine about your single status or celebrate your independence.


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