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Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly Restaurants In Kampala

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

As the vegan and vegetarian food movement grows, more and more "Kampalans" are shunning meat and turning to a plant based diet. In Kla, we are lucky to have a number of Ugandan, asian and Ethiopian restaurants that offer vegetarian food on their menu.

But if we're being honest, the menu selections for vegan/vegetarian food at these restaurants aren't that wide. We therefore decided to check out some of our fave restaurants/places where you can enjoy vegetarian and vegan food and other products in Kampala.

We do however advise that when you dine at establishments that serve both veggie and meat options, make sure to mention that you want your food prepared in a meat free area of the kitchen.

P.S Our local markets also sell plenty of organic vegetables that you can purchase to prepare your own 100% vegan meals. However, some days you just wanna go out, spoil yourself and have someone whip u those veggie meals for ya! So hey check out these below.

Govinda's Restaurant

Govinda's is a 100% pure vegetarian restaurant on dewinton road opposite the National Theatre. Their cuisine is largely Indian but is where you will get your vegan and vegetarian fix.

Arena Bar & Grill

Arena bar and grill has a great selection of vegan food on their menu. For those of you craving the veggie burger, they will hook you up with some great options.

The Hickory

The hickory has a number of Vegetarian items on their menu especially their healthy salads and pasta options.

Izumi Restaurant

Asian Fusion restaurant Izumi also has a great selection of vegetarian dishes on their menu including their sushi options.

Khana Khazana

One of the longest serving indian restaurants in Kampala, Khana Khazana has a large selection of vegetarian food on their menu to choose from.

Vitamin Cafe

Vitamin Cafe is a Turkish restaurant located at Centenary Park that offers splendid Turkish cuisine with various vegetarian options. Check out their weekly "all you can eat" Sunday brunch for only 50,000/=

Tamarai Thai Restaurant

Tamarai has very many vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. Check out their gastronomic brunch every first Sunday of the month. They also have an outpost located on the premises called "Ark Organics" that sells local organic products that you can purchase.

Pardis Restaurant

Serving up the best Persian cuisine in Kampala, Pardis restaurant has a bunch of vegetarian options on their menu as well.

Yujo Izakaya

Yujo serves up Japanese cuisine with lots of vegetarian options on the menu especially their sushi and delicious healthy house salads

Ethiopian Village

Of course we couldn't leave out an Ethiopian restaurant because plenty of Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants serve vegetarian grub. Our fave is Ethiopian Village one of the longest standing Ethiopian restaurants in Kampala. Their menu has plenty of vegetarian dishes to choose from.


Yamasen in Muyenga also serves a selection of vegetarian dishes on their menu especially their vegetarian sushi platter that is delicious.

Nanjing Restaurant

Nanjing serves some of the best Chinese food in Kampala and of course they have a huge selection to pick from including various vegetarian options

Dancing Cup

Dancing cup in Bugolobi also serves up great vegetarian food on their menu. They also hosted the last Vegan Food festival in Kampala.

REF Cafe

The smoothie bowls, salads, soups and juices served using fresh organic ingredients at at REF Cafe are to die. Check 'em out for that healthy fix. Yes, they do have KOMBUCHA!

Urban Yogi

Urban Yogi, a wellness centre located at Bugolobi sells vegan and gluten free items like quinoa at their studio.

Mean Grills

Mean grills offer Vegan bagel sandwiches on their menu and they have lots of salads available, cauliflower wings and our fave the blooming onion.


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