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Where To Watch The 2018 FIFA World Cup In Kampala

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must know by now that It’s World Cup season in Kampala and the city is buzzing!! Due to Russia’s timezone, we are lucky enough to catch the games during lunch time, Right after work and in the evening! Therefore, there’s no excuse to miss most of the games if you’re an avid soccer fan.

In Kampala almost every bar/restaurant and cable will be showing the game but these are our favourite places to catch the games on big screens and with the right food and drink specials, you’re bound to have a great time during the Football World Cup.

Side note: Apologies to those whose partners especially husbands will be coming home very late during this season. ..Tis' the beautiful game after all.

Side Side Note: These venues will be crowded so take good care of your personal belongings.

Legends Sports Bar

Legends is the biggest sports bar in Kampala and has large screens all over the bar for your viewing pleasure.

Arena Sports Bar And Grill

Arena in Kisementi is centrally located and is the perfect after work hangout for a cold pint.

Big Mike’s Cocktail Bar

Found along acacia avenue, big mike is a popular expats spot and alot of the foreign teams’ fans like Belgium have already made it their prime world cup watching spot. (Flags, chairs and all)

Que Pasa Mexican Cantina & The Big Kafunda

Sister bars Que pasa (Kisementi) and the big Kafunda (Ggaba Road) have amazing tacos and tequila deals during the World Cup.

Otters Bar

Otters Bar is your go to in Kololo if you’re trying to avoid a lot of people but bare in mind that it does get crowded especially during band nights on weekends.

Sheraton Kampala Hotel

Centrally located and in a rather posh and quieter setting, the Sheraton is your perfect date night spot if you want to catch the game as well. The games are being shown on large screens but the crowds are definitely less rowdy.

Bubbles O'learys Irish Pub

Bubbles Irish pub in the Acacia avenue is another place thats showing the deals with great food/drinks deals.

Valhalla Bar And Restaurant

Valhalla has a burger & beer deal for 10,000/= and 4 beers for 15,000/=


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