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Where To Watch The NBA Finals in Kampala

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Unless, you've been living under a rock, you must know by now that the NBA finals are currently going on. In Kampala, timezones are against us so for the hardcore die-hard fans, we can only catch the games starting at 4am!

NBA Africa Youtube Channel

If you have a reliable internet service provider, your best bet is to stream the games at home via the NBA Africa Youtube Channel that will be live streaming the games. So turn that chromecast on and stream the game on your Telly!

Arena Sports Bar & Grill

Arena sports bar will be streaming the games live on their screens at their location in Kisementi.

Legends Sports Bar

Catch the games at Legends Sports Bar

Hot Springs Bar & Grill Lubowa

For those that reside on that side of town, Hot springs bar is showing the games.

Kweśe TV Subscription

Since DSTV lost ESPN rights a few years ago, Kweśe TV has taken over as broadcaster of NBA games in Africa. So, if you or your local bar have a Kweśe subscription, tune in or convince your bartender to show the games on their screens, nicely of course.


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