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Fun Things To Do In Kampala That Don't Involve A Party Night Out.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Have you partied, partied and PARTIED so much in Kampala that you're so over the night scene and wanna start doing other fun things in the city that don't involve copious amounts of alcohol, extra dancing, loud music bars and early morning home arrivals?

We've all been there and lucky for you, we've come up with a a few fun things to do In and around Kla that are actually cool fun.

Host Your Own Dinner Nights

Eating out can get really expensive so hosting friends over for dinner nights is the perfect way to enjoy a good meal and great conversations without breaking the bank

Many residents of Kampala would rather travel out of the city to enjoy Uganda but often forget to explore their own backyard. Kampala has various heritage and tourist sites that should be ticked off your bucket list if you're a resident. You can check out your local travel agencies for tourist sites in the city or check out our write up of 48 hrs in Kampala here

Immersion offers free walking tours of Kampala city to show you city's vibrant streets, markets and tourist attractions.

The Mountain Club of Uganda holds outdoor rock climbing at the Quarry in Muyenga. The cost is free for members. Memberships cost 50,000UGX for 1 year and 20,000 for Ugandan students. New members can register at the event.

Kampala has various art galleries where you can check out art pieces from local and international artists.

The first professional cycling club in Uganda, Ultimate cycling rents out bikes that you can ride around the city. They also hold monthly events where you can join other riders to ride from Kampala to Jinja and other towns near Kampala. If you're in Entebbe, Bike X Uganda offers guided bike tours around the city.

Yes, this is practically not in Kampala however tubing on the nile is so much fun. Check out their website for rates and how to get to their site in Jinja

Quiz Nights

Several bars and restaurants around the city run quiz nights on weekdays that you can attend solo or with friends to expand your knowledge.


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